• Produced with its own technology that helps to produce cost effective mineral block with heavy resistance in different weather conditions.
  • Helps to solve the mineral deficiency of ruminants, wild animals, zoo animals by licking the block whenever it requires.
  • Licks by its own instinct and stays away when it does not require
  • Has to be hanged using a rope in the hole found at the middle of the block and should be kept hanging at a height where the animal can comfortably lick the block.


  • Like a doctor 24/7 inside a farm.
  • Solves mineral deficiency,at early stage which can lead to major problems in reproduction if observed later.
  • Helps in better reproduction, maintains the health and improves the milk production.


  • Produces mineral mixture with trace minerals and also with vitamins.
  • Helps to improve milk production when added @ 25 grams every day while feeding the animal with feed or bran. It is packed in 1kg mostly.
  • We produce FERTITONE which very effectively solves the fertility problems in livestock.