LIVESTOCK(cattle,buffaloes-large ruminants)

1) Feeding ratio for cattle?

1/2 Kg of concentrate pellet per kg of milk + 1.5 to 2 Kgs value added herbal bran per day.

2) Is the feeding ratio same for all breeds and in different stages of lactation?

Yes .It is same for all breeds.It differs depending on lactation period.Need to consult your veterinarians based on your animal health.

3) Should we feed any other material along with this?

No.Only green fodder and dry fodder has to be fed based on your animals body weight.You can consult your local veterinarians.

4) What is the packing size?

20kg, HDPE Bags

50kg, HDPE Bags

70kg Second Sugar Gunny Bags

5) Will this give better result than other brands?

Definitely. This is innovative and produced with our own herbal mix which helps to digest fibrous materials and absorb all nutrients to the maximum.

Because of this cost of milk production will be less.

6) What are the benefits?

Bad odour in cow dung will be reduced.

Milk quality will be improved.(FAT & SNF)

Milk quantity will be more.

Animal shining will be better within 30-45 days.

Animal BODY SCORE will be good.

Conceiving will happen properly every year

Overall profitability will be more.

Animal immunity will improve.

LIVESTOCK(sheeps,goats-small ruminants)

1) Feeding ratio for sheep & goats?

Native breed sheep: 100 gram per day for adults

Native breed Goat: 150 gram per day for adults

Cross breed sheep & Goats: 300 gram-400 gram per day for adults

Sheep lambs: 100 gram per day

Goat kids: 150 gram per day

2) Should we feed any other material along with this?

No. Green fodder should be fed according to body weight of the animals. Consult your local veterinarians. Dry fodder also to be fed according to veterinarians suggestion.

3) What is the packing size?

25 kg. HDPE Bgs

4) Will this give better result than other brands?

Definitely because of the innovation, you can see better results than any other brands available in India. Innovation of producing with our own Herbal Mix and without any chemicals helps to digest the overall feed better.

5) What are the benefits?

Higher Conceiving percentage

Less Mortality due to nutritional deficiencies

Better Immunity can be observed

Kids will reach saleable weight between 6-8 months itself

Will be able to withstand during severe drought

Improves meat quality & Taste


1) How should we use this product ?

5% of your regular poultry feed should be replaced.

2) Will this usage method change the nutritional value of regular feeding ratio?

Changes will be very less. Innovation of the product ensures the utilisation of nutrients in a efficient way than before and hence outcome will be much better.

3) Can we use this for broilers & layers


4) What are the benefits?

Controls loose droppings

Reduces chick mortality

Improves FCR

Improves meat quality

Improves EGG production & quality